Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thrilled, Excited, Jubilant!

Yoga Sunsations is close to being open. Very close. So close that I had to immediately blog about it's closeness. I'm thrilled, excited, jubilant, etc, etc. Greg finished the logo, the banner and did a bunch of extra stuff that I was not expecting. That's what you get when you ask a professional for help. It looks so bright and sunshiny, but very clean and classy at the same time while still being calming and yoga-ish. Should I post a picture? No, not yet. Not until it's officially up on Etsy. This is all about Etsy, after all, that wonderful place that magically makes your money evaporate (though it's not really money when you buy through paypal, is it? It's just numbers. The numbers go up sometimes, and when you're on Etsy they just go down). Ah me, there's so much to be done betwixt now and the Grand Opening (!). Let me make a list...

-Pictures need to be taken of all the wonderful yoga-goodness that I've created and (not so) secretly want to keep for myself. Yes, I have to retake pictures of *everything* (minus the pictures you see below) due to a mishap with my clunky old laptop involving a cup of coffee, a soft unsteady surface and a baby's foot. No babies were harmed, but 1 IBM did lose it's life. 

-Spreadsheets and shop policies need to be recreated as well. They were lost in the coffee/baby/laptop incident. I'm thinking FREE SHIPPING. On everything. I hate paying shipping, how could I subject anyone else to the same? 

-I need to make a facebook page for followers who love yoga and Etsy. I'm sure there are many.

-I want a yoga sunsations tshirt. I just do. I think I'm getting off track.

-A thank you card to Greg. No, a THANK YOU card. Something that plays music. And pops up. Maybe I'll find it on Etsy. Nay- I SHALL find it on Etsy. In the meantime, THANK YOU, GREG! (Too many caps: I apologize)!!

Okay, okay, I must go get things done. Wednesdays are so much better than Tuesdays. 

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  1. I second the Free Shipping. That is often the deciding factor when I'm considering a purchase. Excited for your new endeavor!