Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In my backyard...

There's a sweet little swing that my husband made and my sister in law painted. Whimsical fun!

My sunflowers are growing! My favorite flower! I can't wait for it to bloom!

The rhubarb that was planted before my husband and I moved in is surprisingly good. It was both of our first time preparing and eating it. Lots of sugar....

Every time I go outside there are more green beans to pick. JET loves to gnaw on them, and so do the rabbits that burrowed under our compost pile... hmm...

And, perhaps the most exciting of all, my tomatoes are getting bigger every day!

And now my baby is awake and "talking" in his crib. Time to go outside and explore...

Repurposed Straps

Yesterday, while JET was napping, I decided to utilize my time repurposing/upcycling some belts I bought at the local thrift store. So I sat on our kitchen floor in easy pose and was quickly corrected by my charming husband who was home for lunch ("Shouldn't you be stretching your hamstrings?" Drat, yes I should be). So, sitting in staff pose, I cut, tweaked and pinned the soon-to-be yoga straps. They're shorter than the usual straps, but I often find a lot of wasted canvas draping around me with the standard length. These ought to get the job done, plus they're repurposed, handy, completely unique and fashionable. What more could a yogi ask for?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Currently Crocheting...

This is that yoga mat bag that I'm currently working on. Just a few more inches until it's finished! 

My own design. :)
So far I've made two types of crocheted yoga mat bags. One is from the pattern that Picklescreated (Om Shanti). I looked all over her site and couldn't see anywhere that she asked people not to reproduce it to sell. Perhaps I'll email her to be on the safest of sides. I was going to link her site with every etsy offering that was an Om Shanti bag. I can't take credit for the design after all. 

What colors should I use next?


the beginnings of my etsy shop - -  inspired this blog. 

yoga sunsations will offer yoga mat bags (crocheted, sewn and upcycled), straps and eventually yoga pants and other accessories. 

currently i am:
waiting on my logos to be finished and emailed to me. greg lang, a friend of mine, offered to create the look for my shop. SO exciting! 

about to finish up crocheting my millionth (read: 7th) yoga mat bag. red, orange and blue. i hope someone likes it!

entertaining my 9.5 month old son, jet. 

later i will:
take pictures of my creations! and post them to this blog!

so keep checking back.